ECNUers help out flower farmers in Xundian


Xundian Hui and Yi Autonomous County of Yunnan Province was once a key poverty-stricken county for priority aid. Selling flower tea is one of the local farmers' main sources of income. However, flower farmers in Xundian now face a major slump in the demands of black rose tea—a local specialty—as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Black rose.

Black rose tea.

To help the local farmers sell their products, seven members from a charity group formed by ECNU’s School of Communication made a trip to Xundian recently. They visited the farmland in person, filmed how the farmers grew and made the rose tea, and presented the product for sale through live streaming platforms, promoting the product with all their might and expertise. 

The team live-stream in the flower company. 

Students present the product for sale through live streaming platforms.

The charity group was co-established by teachers and students of the ECNU School of Communication. It consists of 5 teachers, 7 postgraduate students, and 3 undergraduate students. All the students major in advertisement, broadcasting and hosting arts, radio and TV editing, editing and publishing sciences and journalism. Apart from the seven members who visited Xundian, the other eight members had contributed to the work by establishing marketing plans and handling media publicity.

In August 2018, ECNU began to help Xundian in response to China’s partner assistance program for poverty alleviation. In May 2020, Mei Bing, Chair of the ECNU University Council, and Sun Zhenrong, Vice President of ECNU, visited Xundian for work on poverty alleviation. Sun Zhenrong signed the joint assistance framework agreement on behalf of ECNU with Ma Jun, Head of Xundian County. According to the agreement, ECNU will intensify its effort to help Xundian in such crucial areas as cadre education and training, backbone teacher cultivation, school construction, countryside rejuvenation, think tank construction, and industrial incubation.

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Source: ECNU School of Communication

Author: Yu Wenxi

Copy Editor: Joshua Mayfield

Editor: Linlan Zhang


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