ECNU’s Design School wins three more Red Dot Awards


The winners of the 2020 Red Dot Award, one of the world's highest honors in the field of professional design, were announced recently. ECNU's School of Design placed three entries and won awards for all three of them.

The winning items went to Headset Home designed by Zhou Xiaoyu majoring in Product Design and Yu Yanyi in Environmental Design; Frescofe by Huang Jinfei and Hong Lijuan, professional master students majoring in Fine Arts (MFA); and New Grape Packaging by Liu Zhiyuan, also a MFA student.

Headset Home is an environmentally friendly headphone packaging gadget. According to the designers, this special headset can be transformed into a headphone holder, so the packaging could be useful itself without wasting extra materials. For this reason, it meets the requirements of green and environmental design.

The other award-winning device, Frescofe, was originally intended to extract a certain amount of coffee beans by a simple pulling technique. The plane figure represents the best drinking time and brewing degree of coffee. The different colors come from the clothing patterns of Yunnan ethnic minorities and reflect the inherent cultural connotations of the products. They also represent a mixture of flavors and tastes.

A breakthrough in structural innovation, the New Grape Packaging was formed by cutting and folding a piece of paper. It showcases the concept of packaging reduction and sustainable development.

The Red Dot Award, a prestigious international prize in the design industry, is often dubbed “The Design Oscar.”

The designers of the three winning pieces are all members of the sustainable green-packaging research group of ECNU’s School of Design. So far, members of the group have claimed 12 Red Dot Awards, including the “Best of the Best”—the highest honor in the Red Dot Award category.

The School of Design 

According to Associate Professor Chen Jinming, who is in charge of the research team that consists of teachers and students of the School of Design, the ECNU team has carried out exchanges and cooperation with many domestic and foreign enterprises and counterparts. The team focus on the research of sustainable branding and packaging design centering around the national ecological conservation and green consumption initiatives.

Source:School of Design

Copy editor: Joshua Mayfield

Editor: Linlan Zhang


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