ECNU Int'l students show great interest in Shanghai Book Fair


For bookworms, the annual Shanghai Book Fair in August is a must to visit. Launched in 2004 to promote reading among the public, the book fair has become a cultural gala for book aficionados. 

This year's book fair, the 17th edition of this event, was hosted from August 12 to 18 at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, with the Shanghai International Literary Week as its derivative event. 

At the fair, the ECNU Press (ECNUP) staged an exhibition named Learn to Be Yourself and to Be Human in its booth, displaying more than 3,000 publications, including over 600 new books. The publications include books on cutting-edge discipline development and humanities and social sciences, such as art life and educational psychology, picture books for children, reference books, and digital publications.

The ECNU booth attracted not only many local visitors, but also international students from the university.

“In recent days, Shanghai Book Fair-2020 has been advertised on various WeChat pages, and I'm curious about it. I have visited book fairs many times in my own country, so I wondered what a Chinese book fair would be alike. When I entered the book fair, I saw the ECNU press booth. I became even more excited when I found that the booth stood ahead of other booths in the book fair.” said Pritam Saha, a PhD student at ECNU.

Pritam Saha, a PhD student at ECNU.

Another student Rupa Dash from Department of Philosophy said that compared with other stands, ECNUP’s stand is bigger and better decorated. “The ECNUP organized various types of books on different shelves. Visitors can find their desirable books easily, whether they are children, teenagers, adults, or elderlies. ECNUP’s stand is also beautifully decorated, where visitors can take photos and receive a discount on every purchase they make. Overall, I think the ECNUP stand is very attractive.”

Rupa Dash from Department of Philosophy.

The ECNUP exhibitor also set up a panorama livestreaming room at the pavilion, displaying their publications online for those who could not attend the book fair in person. Renowned writers and scholars, veteran editors and members of the Daxia Streamers Team were invited to hold 22 livestream broadcasts in seven days regarding “Education”, “Dream”, and “Thought”, which coupled with the book fair's WeChat Moments.

The Daxia Streamers Team is livestreaming.

Habibur Rahman, a Bangladesh student from the School of International Chinese Studies did not go to the scene but watched online the press conference for Academician Qian Xuhong’s new book. He had much to say about ECNU’s President Qian Xuhong. “I watched the press conference online. I'll buy his book and read it carefully. It’s so good for our president to write such a book during the pandemic period. This book is a gift of love.”

As Shanghai implements the cultural development strategy, the book fair opens a window for people from home and abroad to embrace traditional Chinese culture through reading.

Source: ECNU Press

Author: Xu Xincheng 

Copy editor: Joshua Mayfield

Editor: Linlan Zhang


East China Normal University