Savor the charm of lotus flowers at ECNU campuses


Do you know that ECNU has its own campus flower? Yes, it is the lotus flower. As one of the most well-known and beloved flowers in China, the lotus flower is admired not only for its physical beauty, but also for its appealing aroma and strong adaptability to the environment.

The lotus flower is calledlianhuaorhehuain Chinese.Heis a homonym for harmony and peace andlianfor continuous and unity.

The lotus flower has been a symbol forpeace, continuous harmony and unity in traditional Chinese culture for ages. Poetsin ancient Chinacomposed beautiful lyrics to eulogize the dainty flowers, which rise undefiled from impure muddy waters. The flower, which, as Song Dynasty scholar Zhou Dunyi put it, comes out of the mud yet is not contaminated, stands for a noble and pure spirit in traditional Chinese culture, inspiring countless poets and artists.

Now, it is the right time to appreciate the beauty of lotus flowers.Blossoming in the Liwa River on the Zhongbei campus and the Cherry River on the Minhang campus, the summer flowers have injected vitality to the campuses and represented the clear and upright spirit of ECNU.

Author: Xu Xincheng 

Photos: Yu Wenxi, Li Zhendong

Copy editor: Joshua Mayfield

Editor: Linlan Zhang


East China Normal University