2020 Youth Science Camp ECNU Branch held on campus


From August 17 to 21, the Youth Science Camp ECNU Branch was held. Due to the pandemic situation, most of the activities of the ECNU Branch Camp were carried out through an online platform. The campers “toured around” the campuses of ECNU online, visited key laboratories and scientific research bases, listened to lectures and participated in interaction, opinions with outstanding senior alumni, and developed field scientific research and practice both online and offline.

During the 5-day ECNU Science Camp, the campers learned the methods to carry out field diversity survey of ecosystems and investigate soil science on the virtual simulation experiment platform, experience the fun of geography field practice in nature, and gain a deep understanding of the structure and function of the ecosystem, the ecological civilization and the concept of ecological development. The activities laid a solid foundation for future ecological system research offline that covers the lower soil and the surface vegetation system. Under the guidance of teachers and research assistants, the campers learned the methods of insect collection and the making of insect specimens, complete the training of data collection, processing, analysis and charting on social media, make a spatio-temporal analysis of typhoon disasters, and experience the application of social media data to public safety management and the role of geography in addressing major national demands.

Copywriter: Philip Nash

Editor: Zhang Linlan


East China Normal University