Welcome gifts on the way for new ECNUers


While this year’s summer vacation is coming to an end, ECNU is gearing up for the new ECNUers. The university has designed a variety of orientation programs on Zhongbei and Minhang campuses, but more excitedly, various souvenirs are prepared to welcome first-year ECNUers. Following are some souvenirs prepared by the different departments and colleges of ECNU. 

Let's check them out!

The Meng Xiancheng College offers freshmen exquisite bookmarks with campus views printed on them. To answer the call of the country to save on food, it also prepares gifts that remind the students of the importance of food saving.

The Faculty of Education incorporates the elements of ECNU into the design of stationary products, preparing freshmen with cloth bags, campus card cases, notebooks, pen cases, ball-point pens, and faculty badges with the campus map on them.

The School of Psychology and Cognitive Science prepares a key chain for each freshman. The chain has a signboard with it, on which is written the name of the road right in university’s campus. The road name is closely related with the history of the university and is a unique part of the landscape on campus.

Guanghua College  prepares a gift package for each newcomer. The package consists of a T-shirt, a refillable pen, a pen case, a notepad and a file paper bag. The college hopes that the recipients can use the gift to record their memorable moments in life.

Freshmen at the School of Foreign Languages will receive a unique pen case, with greetings in different languages printed on the cover, and a reusable bag.

The School of Urban and Regional Sciences gives an umbrella to each freshman student, wishing to shield them from the rains and storms ahead in life.

The School of Communication and Electronic Engineering offers a small, personalized canvas bag with the newly unveiled emblem of the school printed on the bag’s cover.

Other colleges are also providing uniquely designed gifts for new ECNUers.

School of International Chinese Studies

School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering

School of Data Science and Engineering

School of Communication

College of Economics and Management

The Law School

College of Teacher Education

Department of Philosophy

Welcome home, new ECNUers!

Author: Xu Xincheng 

Copy editor: Joshua Mayfield

Editor: Siyuan Zhang


East China Normal University