ECNU’s Discipline of Chemistry ranks among global top 1‰ in ESI


According to the latest data released by Clarivate Analytics’ Essential Science Indicators (ESI) on September 10, 2020, ECNU’s discipline of chemistry is listed among world top 1‰, marking a new breakthrough in the construction of the chemistry discipline.  

The Latest Ranking of the Discipline of Chemistry of ECNU Indicated in ESI Database

The statistical period in this ESI data update ranges from January 1, 2010 to June 30, 2020. 4,253 papers from ECNU in the field of chemistry had been included by Web of Science (WOS) and cited 91,475 times in total. Among the 1,356 institutions whose discipline of chemistry had entered global top 1‰, ECNU ranks 134th, demonstrating the fine reputation and increasing global impact of the university’s chemistry discipline.  

Changes in ESI Global Ranking of the Discipline of Chemistry of ECNU in the Past Five Years  

By far, a total of 12 disciplines of ECNU have been listed among the top 1% in ESI, namely chemistry, physics, materials science, environmental science and ecology, geography, engineering, biology and biochemistry, mathematics, botany and zoology, clinical medicine, computer science, and social sciences. The fact that the discipline of chemistry has entered world top 1‰ in ESI shows the new achievement ECNU has made in the disciplinary construction. 

ESI is a quantitative analysis database based on more than 10 million literature records in more than 12,000 academic journals around the world as collected by Web of Science of Clarivate Analytics (formerly Thomson Reuters Intellectual Property and Technology Division) (SCIE/SSCI). Through this database, you can search for influential countries, institutions, papers, publications and research frontiers in related research fields. The ESI database, based on disciplines (a total of 22 disciplines), collects important scientific data covering tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of different research institutions around the world. The discipline ranking, based on this database, is one of the important indicators for evaluating the international academic level and influences of universities and scientific research institutions.

Source: School of  Chemistry and Molecular Engineering

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Siyuan Zhang


East China Normal University