ECNU freshmen embark on new journey in life


Click the video above to watch the Move-In Day for new ECNUers

After months’ of waiting, the Move-In Day for the Class of 2020 finally comes. On the 7th and 8th of September, students and their family arrived at the Zhongbei and Minhang campuses for the first day of their ECNU life. 

Student volunteers set off early in the morning to meet new ECNUers at Shanghai’s major railway stations and airports. On the campuses, volunteers helped freshmen carry their luggage, find their departments, show them around the campus, etc.

University faculty and staff were also out to greet the students and their parents.  

For Lan Shuhuan, the Move-In Day is a milestone in her university life. She said that she had already fallen in love with ECNU. The campus is so beautiful and the people here are so nice and helpful, said Lan, a freshman from Sichuan Province who will study in ECNU’s College of Economics and Management. I'm really excited to be challenged academically, and to have the change to meet new people. Things are off to a great start.

“We want to make them feel welcomed and loved on their first day at ECNU, the university they have chosen. We wish that, with our effort, the freshmen students can feel at home with ECNU and start their university life with great expectations,” said the teachers from the university’s Youth League Committee.

To guarantee the full restoration of the teaching order, the university had also strengthened campus pandemic prevention and control. Security personnel at the school gate will check every entrant’s health code, identify their campus card (ID card) and monitor their body temperature.

Among the 10,281 freshmen of the class of 2024 in ECNU, 5,532 or 53.8% are postgraduate students and 863 are doctoral students.

According to Ren Qiao, a teacher from ECNU Global Education Center,50 international degree students have already registered on-site. With travel restrictions still in place,our international students will study remotely until permission can be secured for their entry into China. We're saving beds and looking forward to seeing them soon, said Ren Qiao.

Author: Xu Xincheng

Video by: Chen Lin, Xu Xincheng, Li Zhendong

Video edited by: Xu Xincheng

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Siyuan Zhang


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