ECNU launches program to bolster educational development


East China Normal University (ECNU) on Sept 10 launched“Dream Big, Build Bigger”program to help its alumni who are working in the education field to realize the dreams of promoting education in China.

“The first phase of this program will last for ten years starting from September 10, 2020. Centering around the goal of rejuvenating the country through education, this program will have a different theme for each of the years. This year, the theme is centered on poverty alleviation efforts through the development of the education sector in remote regions,” said Wang Hongzhou, Executive Deputy Chair of ECNU's University Council.

In the following year, ECNU will integrate its resources and help its alumni working at the forefront of basic education, especially in remote regions in central and western China, to achieve70educational dreams. This is an effort by the university to promote poverty alleviation through education, help countryside rejuvenation, and enhance the balanced development of quality education.

At the launch ceremony, several alumni shared the challenges they have faced and their dreams of promoting education in their local schools via video calls.

"My dream is to use what I have learned to help poverty alleviation through education in rural areas and the popularization of computer education. "

--Wu Xingjiao from Xundian County in Yunnan province who is now doing his PhD in ECNU’s School of Computer Science and Technology

Wu Xingjiao (Right)

His father, Wu Chaowen, has been a teacher of Chinese for 36 years in a middle school in Xundian County. He is also an “alumnus” of ECNU, as he attended the backbone elementary and middle school teacher workshop hosted by the university this year.

Wu Chaowen(on the screen)

"My dream is that I can teach my students with more diversified and better methods so that they can write good compositions."

--Wu Chaowen

Wang Caifu (on the screen)

"With limited sports equipment, I hope to teach the PE course in a way that students like. "

--Wang Caifu, a 2017 graduate from ECNU’s School of Sports and Health. He is now a PE teacher in Zheng’an First Middle School in Zunyi, Guizhou province.

Tian Yingbao(on the screen)

"My dream is to turn the Central School in Wuyi Town into the first central school in Butuo County, Liangshan Prefecture to establish a school-based curriculum which includes art and physical education. "

--Tian Yingbao, a 2015 graduate from ECNU

As a prestigious comprehensive university founded nearly 70 years ago, ECNU has cultivated a galaxy of talents in various fields for the country, including a large number of teachers. Starting from 2007, the university has undertaken the task of cultivating tuition-free normal students. Among the9,393public-founded educational students so far graduated,6,130are teaching in China’s central and western regions.

To make the dreams of its alumni come true, ECNU will organize a group of educators, special-grade teachers, and renowned ECNU alumni, who will provide professional guidance to this program. The first batch of program supervisors consists of 22 top-notch experts in the fields of teacher education, psychology, physical education, music education, vocational education, adult education, and academic competitions.

The university has also set up special funds and starting channels for donation by teachers, students, alumni, and people from all walks of life. You can scan the QR code below to donate.

How to apply

The registration form can be downloaded from the website. Submissions can be sent by email before October 10, 2020. The list of winners selected by a panel will be unveiled later.




Source: ECNU Publicity Office

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Zhang Linlan


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