ECNU holds ceremony to welcome new students


On September 16, East China Normal University (ECNU) held a ceremony to welcome this year’s new students on Minhang and Zhongbei campuses. 10,004 students from home and abroad will start their university life here. The ceremony was chaired by Yang Changli, Deputy Chair of the University Council.

Minhang campus

Zhongbei Campus

Qian Xuhong, President of ECNU, gave the new ECNUers their first lesson at ECNU:The mode of thinking is your invisible wings

Qian Xuhong

Qian calls for the new students to reflect on themselves and forge a new self with a higher innovative spirit and better humanistic awareness based on what they feel and think about the world. “Many people wish to change society and others, but they never think of changing themselves. However, history has told us that only when we change ourselves and our modes of thinking can we truly change the world around us and succeed,” he said. Qian encouraged students to pursue world-class excellence based on a sound ability in critical and innovative thinking.

The university leaders wore the ECNU badge for the student representatives. Teachers from different departments also congratulated the new students on taking the first step on the next stage of their life.

Source: ECNU Publicity Office

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