How’s your life at ECNU in the first few weeks?


After months of tranquility due to the pandemic outbreak, the beautiful campus of East China Normal University is filled with youthful laughter and vitality again, as new faces from home and abroad appear. Everyone experiences the first few weeks of their university life differently. Some students are excited at the prospect of this new chapter of life, while others may feel a bit nervous. Now, let’s see how freshmen from different academies feel about ECNU and their first few weeks here.

My first impression of ECNU is that it is full of vitality and friendship. Whenever I talk to a new person, they act like we have been friends for years. What I mean by this is that I could have a small conversation with someone I just met, thenby the end of the conversation, they would ask me if I would like to have lunchor hang out together afterwards. Even people that once seemed shy now attempt to make friends with more people. There is something about ECNU that brings out comradery in its students these days.

Blake Simmons

Department of Philosophy

The United States

I’m so happy to be at ECNU. Every single course is interesting to me. Studying with Chinese students is a unique experience that I have never had before. Though there are only two international students in my class, I  never feel lonely because of my warm-hearted classmates. In addition, we are provided with a variety of activities, which enable us to expand our knowledge and make more friends. As an international student, I cherish this opportunity to study at ECNU, especially during the COVID-19 period. I hope that more students overseas will come here assoon as possible and enjoy their learning at ECNU as I do.

Chashenkov Sviatoslav

School of International Chinese Studies


It will soon be two weeks since I came to ECNU. During the first week, I attended many lectures and activities and received many gifts from our teachers. Thanks to the help and concern from teachers and senior schoolmates, I was able to adapt quickly to my new school life. During the second week, I have begun to take classes. Everything happening in ECNU is memorable and special for me. The new environment and the different teaching methods are challenges for me as a student. But they also bring me lots of joy as I know the university is setting me up for a higher platform of learning.

Zhao Yuxuan

Meng Xiancheng College


I fell in love with ECNU as soon as I got here. Apart from the excellent students here, what impresses me most is the teachers’ attitude. They take good care of international students and their courses are well-organized. Moreover, the teachers are always with us when we are in need. Life at ECNU is special and I enjoy my life here!

Bei Zimo

School of International Chinese Studies


Due to the pandemic we have been isolated at home for a long time and have studied everything online. I am so excited that we are finally able to gather together with professors and classmates in the classroom where I can see others working hard to improve their Chinese. I have attended several classes to help me find the most appropriate classes for myself, from which I found that every teacher taught with a unique style. My favorite part is when teachers divide us into groups for exercises. In this way, I can make friends with different classmates.

Giselle Diasanta

School of International Chinese Studies

The Philippines

As a freshman, I feel that starting a new life at ECNU is like suddenly entering a new and unknown world. The original teaching method the teachers adopt and the unprecedented learning autonomy we are allowed to have kept changing my previous assumptions about study and university. During my first week here, I had met many excellent students and outstanding friends. I feel lucky to study here with them and tap my potential to learn and excel.

Yu Chaoran

Da Xia College


How's your first few weeks of ECNU life going? Leave your comments below. Whether you are on campus or attending online classes, we wish you all a great semester!

Author: Liao Shujuan, Xu Xincheng

Copy editor: Joshua Mayfield

Video by: Global Education Center

Editor: Siyuan Zhang


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