Listening to the Dialogue at ECNU between National Excellent Secondary School Principals and Future Teachers


“It is fortunate for a person to meet with good teachers and it is equally so for school to possess such teachers. Good teachers are the hope of the nation.” 

The event “Face-to-face communication between excellent secondary school principals and future teachers: nurturing better people” co-sponsored by the National Training Center for Secondary School Principals, the Ministry of Education and Meng Xiancheng College of ECNU, was held at ECNU on September 19. Present at the event were Dai Ruihua, Director of the National Training Center for Secondary School Principals, Wu Wei, Dean of Meng Xiancheng College, thirty-two national excellent secondary school principals and over one hundred future teachers.

Wu Wei introduced the development history of Meng Xiancheng College and the 5+1 talent cultivation system (education in morality, intelligence, physical fitness, aesthetics and work plus teacher education). Focusing on the cultivation of outstanding teachers and future educators, the College, according to Wu, would be committed to exploring how to nurture truly future-oriented remarkable teachers by means of integrating classroom, practical and formative education. Meanwhile, she expected that this event would encourage college students to strive for progress and light a beacon in their career development.

Wu Song, Principal of Shanxi Fenyang Middle School, elaborated on his “bumpy road” in a humorous manner. Though graduating from an ordinary university, he, with tenacity and devotion, gradually grew from a geography teacher to a backbone teacher and finally to the principal.. “A classroom should be a world”, he said. He further proposed three requirements for future teachers as follows. “First, plan your life. This is the most important and should be started right now. Second, take initiatives. The most beautiful scenery in life is always ahead of us and we should take the initiative to get hold of it. Third, be persistent. So long as we have chosen our life’s goal, we should pursue it under all circumstances.”

Ji Chenyu, a student majoring in ideological and political education from the class of 2017, shared her understanding of education based on her own growth experience. She held that a teacher should demonstrate not only professional expertise, but should also get to know the students thoroughly, because education is a process in which one life affects the other. Xin Weihao, a student majoring in geographical science from the class of 2018, reflected on what a better education means by a comparison between offline education, online education and STEM education. Yu Xiang, an English major student from the class of 2020 and a freshman representative, also built her dream as a teacher . She said that she had been inspired and guided by her high school teachers. 

According to Dai Ruihua, for excellent teachers to cultivate more excellent students is not only the responsibility of society, but of excellent principals and future teachers. Designed for mutual understanding, exchanges and learning, this activity provided a platform for principals and normal university students to consider the prospect of China’s education. At the event, the principals proposed the necessary qualities required of future teachers based on the current situation of national basic education, and the students shared their own inspirations gained from learning, life and growth. In addition, Dai Ruihua also pointed out that it would be a great opportunity for future teachers to communicate with and learn from the excellent principals basic education. 

Source: ECNU Publicity Office

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Zhang Linlan


East China Normal University