“Father of quantum” lectures on ECNU campus


Pan Jianwei, an internationally renowned quantum scientist and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is known as the father of quantum and was selected as Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People of 2018. As a pioneer and leading scientist in quantum science, he specializes in quantum optics, quantum information and experimental testing of basic principles in quantum mechanics.

On Oct.15, he was invited to give a lecture titled “From Einstein’s Curiosity to Quantum Information Technology” on Minhang campus. The lecture was hosted by ECNU President Qian Xuhong.

ECNU President Qian Xuhong

In his lecture, Academician Pan expounded on Einstein’s belief that “God does notplay dice with the universe.” He then reviewed the development of quantum mechanics over the past century, and introduced the development history and prospects of quantum information technology, such as quantum communication and quantum computing. According to Pan, “In the future, AI research and quantum computer hardware may understand or even surpass human wisdom. This is what I’m longing to see.”

Academician Pan Jianwei

This lecture was warmly welcomed among ECNUers, who took all the seats in the lecture hall and in the two video sessions. During the interactive session, many teachers andstudents asked questions about the physical realization of quantum computing, the application prospects of quantum communication, and the basic issues of quantum mechanics.

Academician Pan also visited ECNU's State Key Laboratory of Precision Spectroscopy, where he discussed with the teacher representatives of the laboratory about further cooperation and development. 

According to Academician Pan: “ECNU is one of the best institutions in China regarding quantum optics, quantum physics, and quantum information. We will cooperate closely on some major national scientific research platforms and some related research in the future.” 


Source: ECNU Publicity Department
Copy editor: Joshua Mayfield
Editor: Zhang Linlan


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