ECNUP Wins Innovation Award


The 17th Shanghai International Forum on Intellectual Property, co-sponsored by the State Intellectual Property Office of China, the World Intellectual Property Organization and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and undertaken by Shanghai Municipal Intellectual Property Office, was launched in Shanghai on October 20. At the opening ceremony was also held the awarding ceremony of the 2nd Shanghai Intellectual Property Innovation Award.Seven institutions including East China Normal University Press won the award. Deng Hongsen, Director-General of the World Intellectual Property Organization, delivered a congratulatory speech via video, Shen Changyu, Director of the State Intellectual Property Office of China, and Chen Qun, Vice Mayor of Shanghai, jointly presented awards to the winners.

Shanghai Intellectual Property Innovation Award is granted jointly by Shanghai Municipal People's Government and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to commend and reward the innovative entities which have made outstanding achievements in terms of creation, protection and utilization of intellectual property rights in the city. As a national-level and municipal-level copyright demonstration institute, East China Normal University Press has set up an intellectual property management department and established an intellectual property management system to enable the availability of intellectual property management and protection in all processes of publishing. At the same time, new technologies have also been adopted and multi-party cooperation has been carried out to continuously improve the early-warning and monitoring mechanism regarding intellectual property rights infringement. In addition, the response mechanism of property rights protection and the comprehensive protection of the core intellectual property rights of enterprises, such as copyrights and trademarks,  are essential in the prevention and control of infringement risks in all aspects and will promote the high-quality development of publishing.

Source: ECNU Publicity Office

Copyeditor: Philip Nash

Editor: Zhang Linlan  


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