8th Huashen Coffee Festival held


The 8th Huashen Coffee Culture Festival was held on the bank of the Liwa River in the afternoon of October 23, a perfect autumn treat for coffee-lovers.

Themed Extending the Love of ECNU to Xundian People, the festival introduced the unique coffee culture of Yunnan Province, as well as the delicacies and folk culture of Xundian, a poverty-stricken area in Yunnan. By means of a cultural festival, it attempts to draw ECNUers’ attention to and support of people living in underdeveloped areas.

The opening ceremony of the 8th Huashen Coffee Festival

Coffee culture of Yunnan, delicacies and folk culture of Xundian

The famous chef, Huang Guangbiao makes the delicacies.

Mutton soup from Zaikai

Beef with rice crust from Xundian

Choral speaking about Xundian

Folk song from Yunnan

Female solo

Guitar performance

Male and female vocal duet


"Extending the Love of ECNU to Xundian People"

Coffee tasting

Festival-goers had great fun in reading books over a cup of fragrant coffee, boating in the river, listening to the music and chitchatting, immersing themselves in the poetic campus culture.

Source: East China Normal University

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