ECNU welcomes back alumni for 2020 Alumni Day


Amid the cool autumn breeze and the sweet fragrance of the orange osmanthus, ECNU welcomed more than 1,200 graduates back to its campus for the 2020 Alumni Day on October 6.  

The alumni, from 92 classes in a span of 26 years, gathered on Zhongbei campus to commemorate the 69th anniversary of their alma mater.  

The oldest of them graduated from the university 60 years ago while the youngest only five years ago. They had fun in attending various activities such as donning academic gowns, collecting seals or the alumni passport, visiting the school history museum, and eating nostalgia-themed lunch.  

eating nostalgia-themed lunch

Collecting seals or the alumni passport

Visiting the school history museum

The alumni also bought on a voluntary basis agricultural produce from underdeveloped regions in China covered by the partner assistance program between ECNU and the regions in question.  

The organizers of the Alumni Day also arranged voluntary services, an annual alumni donation event, and a comprehensive alumni survey and assessment. Sixteen ECNU schools and departments received the alumni, introducing to them their latest development.  

An electronic alumni card was launched, which can be applied for by the alumni online. A visual card can be conveniently accessed on the mobile phone. The cardholder can have access to the university library, have meals in the campus cafeteria, and pay bills by scanning the code.

Source: East China Normal University

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