ECNU Scientists make progress in research of in-situ NMR technology


Recently, the team of Yao Yefeng and Wang Xuelu from the Shanghai Key Laboratory of Magnetic Resonance of the School of Physics and Electronic Science, ECNU, has made remarkable progress in research and development of new photo-in-situ nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology. Their work, titled In-situ NMR Investigation of the Photo-response of Perovskite Crystal, was published online in Matter on October 1.

As a very vital analytical and testing technology, NMR plays a crucial role in chemistry, materials, biology, medicine and other research fields. However, due to the limitation of signal excitation and acquisition system, the traditional NMR technology generally fails in in-situ observation of transient structures and changes in physical and chemical processes, which has thus restricted the research on the theoretical mechanism of NMR in photoelectric materials to a great extent. Scientists in the fields of NMR and photoelectric materials have always been devoted to the research and development of in-situ NMR suitable for photoelectric materials so as to explore new physical phenomena and processes in the photoelectric response of such materials.

NMR set-up

Given the difficulty of in-situ NMR detection in the photoelectric response process of photoelectric materials, the team led by Yao Yefeng has developed a new magnetic resonance signal detection device (Fig. 1). The device, creatively directing light of different wavelengths and powers into the magnetic resonance detection device, has realized the in-situ magnetic resonance detection of samples to be tested under various light conditions. 

In recent years, based on the photo-in-situ NMR technology, the research team composed of Researchers Yao Yefeng and Wang Xuelu has implemented a series of investigations on the transient physicochemical process when light interacts with matter, which have demonstrated the great application potential of the new photo-in-situ NMR method as developed by Yao Yefeng's team in the research on the performance conversion mechanism of photoelectric materials. In view of the team’s outstanding contributions to photo-in-situ NMR, the editor of Journal of Physical Chemistry C has invited Researcher Yao Yefeng to contribute a paper to the journal.

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