Vice Mayor Chen Qun, visits ECNU-partnered Xundian County in Yunnan Province for progress in poverty alleviation


On October 28, Chen Qun, Vice Mayor of Shanghai, visited Xundian County of Yunnan Province, an ECNU-designated poverty-stricken county, for progress in poverty alleviation. 

Chen Qun pointed out that, in only one year, ECNU has introduced advanced education and teaching methods into Xundian County with the assistance of information technology by organizing resources effectively, giving full play to its disciplinary advantages and investing professional strength, which is a strong support to the realization of high-quality poverty alleviation and rural revitalization in Xundian County. He hoped that ECNU will bring into play its leading role in education as a comprehensive research-oriented university and keep providing assistance to the county-level primary school with a strong revolutionary spirit and contributing to the development of Xundian County and even Yunnan Province. 

Source: Xundian County government

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Siyuan Zhang


East China Normal University