ECNU celebrates countdown to 70th anniversary


On the evening of October 18, the ceremony to launch the countdown to the 70th anniversary of East China Normal University was held on Zhongbei campus. ECNU's extended family of faculty, students, staff, alumni and invited guests gathered for a festive evening featuring a memorable musical performance.

At the concert, Mei Bing, Chair of ECNU University Council; ECNU President Qian Xuhong; Guan Shuguang, a teacher with the School of Physics and Electronic Science; Chen Weiping, a teacher with the Department of Philosophy; Zhao Shuo, a student representative with the Faculty of Economics and Management; Tian Peiqing, an ECNU alumnus, Chair of Shanghai Four Seasons Education Group, and a board member of ECNU Education Development Foundation; and Lu Jiaxian, a celebrated leader of the overseas Chinese community in Austria and permanent emeritus Chairman of Austria-Sino Friendship Association Chinese Committee, unveiled the logo for the celebration of the upcoming 70th anniversary of ECNU.

Designed by the School of Design, the logo, which is inspired by the pillars in front of the Qun Xian Tang, other landmark historic buildings of ECNU, and the architectural emblazonry and mortarboard sculpture in front of Li Ke San Guan, implies that ECNU, in its 69 years of development, has cultivated a galaxy of talents for the country.

In addition, during the past week, ECNU celebrated the 69th anniversary with a series of events that highlighted the university’s academic contributions and historical achievements in the ECNU community.

In the early morning of October 16, around 800 teachers and students from 36 colleges and departments attended the national flag-raising ceremony on both Zhongbei and Minhang campuses. ECNUers saluted the gradually rising flag during the national anthem. The red five-star flag fluttering in the wind carried their blessings for the university and the country.

The No. 460 gate of ECNU on Zaoyang Road, nicknamed the “back door” among ECNUers, was put into use after a facelift at 10:16 a.m. on October 16, seven years after its closure.

The gate was forced to close on April 20, 2013 to make way for the environment improvement and pipeline upgrading in the areas surrounding Zaoyang Road in Putuo District. For the convenience of students and teachers, the university decided to reopen the gate on the 69th anniversary day.

The renewed gate consists of four pillars, a design that borrows an idea from the old main gate on North Zhongshan Road. With a succinct design, the gate conveys the cultural richness of the university. Echoing the nearby landscape of Changfeng Park, it effectively blends the campus into the surrounding greenery.

On the same day, the popular on-campus Cultural and Creative Products Bazaar held on the anniversary day, which highlights the inheritance and spread of the university culture, offered visitors with novel and creative value-added products.

The Wind Rises from the Sea exhibition of works by ECNU College of Fine Arts opened in the afternoon of October 16, showcasing nearly 100 pieces of works. It embodied ECNU's achievements in fine arts education and created a positive impact of fine arts education on the improvement of campus cultural ecology. The exhibition will be on till Novermber 15.

Source: ECNU Publicity Department
Copyeditor: Philip Nash

Editor: Wicky Xu


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