ECNUers share experiences at 3rd CIIE


The third China International Import Expo (CIIE) kicked off on Nov. 4 and came to an end on Nov.10. Visitors from all over the world feasted their eyes on the fancy technologies and products on display.

The successful hosting of the world’s largest business expo on schedule in the metropolitan city of Shanghai is inseparable from the volunteers’ services.

This year more than a hundred ECNUers volunteered during this event.

Following are some of their stories!

Makhautuly Kaisar, a postgraduate student majoring in International Trade from Kazakhstan, attended the CIIE for the first time. Due to the pandemic, the Kazakhstan delegation, which consisted of government officials and business people, was forced to cancel their trips to China. Consequently, the operation of the Kazakhstan exhibition hall rested with Kaisar, who acted as a middleman between the Kazakhstan Embassy in China and Kazakhstan Consulate General in Shanghai.

Working in the hall since the opening day, Kaisar served as an interpreter for Gabit Koishybayev, Kazakhstan’s Ambassador to China, who made an in-person visit to the inauguration ceremony on November 6.

Kaisar sees the expo as a vital platform for Kazakhstan to showcase its products.  

35 Kazakhstan companies in the food and agricultural industry participated in the fair this year. Some of them had entered the Chinese market and some were first-time exhibitors. The Kazakhstan Government has rolled out a stimulus package to boost food exports, which fits perfectly into China's Belt and Road Initiative. I believe in the future there will be more products from Kazakhstan selling in China. As an international trade student, I have learned much from the fair, which provided me a chance to understand the needs of domestic and foreign enterprises. I wish I could attend the event every year.

Xie Zehang, an ECNU journalism major, served as an intern with the media center. He was in charge of arranging for journalists from home and abroad to cover stories about Shanghai and the expo. To be prepared for the job, he has worked as an intern at the Press Liaison Division since July.

In the past four months, Xie traversed more than 100 places across the city, in order to produce a list of must-see sites that are most emblematic of Shanghai. His work consisted of meticulous route planning, searching for contact persons, writing advertisements, and designing brochures and posters.

The reporters are scheduled to tour Shanghai on five routes, so that they can better observe the city's development in economy, science and technology, and culture. What impresses me most is that the routes were all well received. By 9 a.m. November 6, 188 journalists from 45 domestic and overseas media outlets had registered for the trips, outnumbering the quotas. We decided to increase as many quotas as possible as long as the anti-coronavirus measures permit. We were as busy as bees during the expo. Though physically exhausted, I feel very happy that I can do my bit for the event, showing Shanghai to the guests all over the world.

Shen Yin, a postgraduate majoring in Russian studies, was one of the veteran volunteers, as she had volunteered at the previous two editions of the expo. This year, she joined the CIIE again. “As a foreign language major, I hope to broaden my international vision and make use of my professional expertise to contribute to the expo,” said Shen.

At the past two expos, she volunteered to meet foreign guests and help visitors at the lost and found office. This year she served at the exhibition office, mainly responsible for explaining the products and distributing brochures to visitors in the food and agricultural products exhibition area.

As a volunteer for three years, I have witnessed the growing of the expo in scale on a yearly basis. Meanwhile, I’m proud of my country which has managed to host such a large international event against the pandemic of covid-19. All these showcase the strength and prosperity of our motherland.


Author: Xu Xincheng

Copy editor: Joshua Mayfield

Editor: Siyuan Zhang


East China Normal University