"Chongming World-Class Eco-Island Green Papers 2020" released


On the afternoon of November 19, the Institute of Eco-Chongming of ECNU held a ceremony for the launch of Chongming World-Class Eco-Island Green Papers 2020. Guided by the concept of ecological civilization construction for the new era and supported by the Class IV Peak Discipline Project of Shanghai, this book is the joint effort of 16 research teams headed by ECNU, Fudan University, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University respectively based on their four years of systematic research on the construction of Chongming Eco-Island. The book is also the first systematic physical examination report on the construction of the Chongming World-Class Eco-Island. It is planned that a green book will be published every two years in the future to carry out follow-up research on the ecological construction of the Chongming Island.

The ceremony was presided over by Prof. Tang Jianwu, Dean of Institute of Eco-Chongming. Sun Zhenrong, Vice President of ECNU, highlighted two major features of this book. First, with ecological construction as the national strategy, evaluation on the construction of the Chongming Eco-Island can guide, demonstrate, bring along and support the development of regions of similar nature in China. Second, this book puts forward the idea of balancing ecological protection with city life and economic production in a scientific way, which can improve people's sense of happiness and gain.

Sun Zhenrong, Vice President of ECNU

Prof. Tang Jianwu

Regarding future construction of the Chongming World-Class Eco-Island, the book puts forward three relations to be addressed: the relation between ecology, production and life, between current development and future development, and between ecological protection areas and development and construction areas.

Prof. Sun Bindong from the School of Urban and Regional Science of ECNU introduced the book

Prof. Chai Yanwei from Peking University, Prof Li Bo from Fudan University and Prof. Da Liangjun from ECNU respectively introduced their latest scientific research progress in this field and advised on the construction of the Chongming Island.

\Source: Institute of Eco-Chongming of ECNU

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Yu Wenxi


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