Daxia 2020 Brand Strength Ranking of the Top Nation Champions


On November 21, 2020, Institute for Nation(al) Branding Strategy of East China Normal University officially released the “Daxia* 2020 Brand Strength Ranking of the Top Nation Champions”, which is based on the 40 brands commonly existed in 2019 top best Chinese brand ranking list of Interbrand and BrandZ. By adopting an original new concept of Brand-Nation Connection (BNC) ** and a nationwide sample survey, the results of the ranking reflect the extent to which the representativeness of “brand” to “China” and the degree of association between “brand” and “China”. Methodologically, the ranking is built on two fundamental dimensions, namely strength of association from China to brand and strength of association from brand to China, both of which account for 75.65% of the total variance. ***

The top-ranked brands in this ranking are the glory of the country and also the national brand players in the global market competition. Such brands have made outstanding contributions to China’s image and reputation. Among the top ten brands, 70% belong to the pillar industries that are supporting China’s economic growth, reflecting the core position of scientific and technological innovation in the national development strategy and representing the driving force of China’s brand strategy.

Daxia 2020 Brand Strength Ranking of the Top Nation Champions


*The name of “Daxia” originates from Daxia University (1924), which was the predecessor of East China Normal University.

**The academic theory and measurement method of this ranking comes from the NNSFC General Projects “Brand-Nation Connection: The Research on the New Strategies of Global Brand Equity of Emerging Market Multinationals in the Digital Age” by Professor He Jiaxun (Grant No. 71772066), 2018.1-2021.12.

***The questionnaires were distributed online by Quartrics platform. During October 21-28, 2020, 5359 completed questionnaires were obtained. After strict screenings, 4661 questionnaires were retained, representing a valid rate of 86.98%. The average age of the participants was 27.6 years old. The ranking only reflects the analysis results of this data set, which is an academic achievement based on scientific methods and has nothing to do with any commercial application or related interests.

Source:Institute for Nation(al) Branding Strategy 

Editor: Yu Wenxi


East China Normal University