80th anniversary of Hu Huanyong Line marked


symposium is held to celebrate the  80th anniversary of Hu Huanyong Line.

In 1935, Hu Huanyong discovered “Aihui (Heihe of today) – Tengchong Line”. According to his research, 6 percent of the Chinese population were located to the west of the line, and 94 percent of the Chinese population were located to the east of the line. The line was later named after the researcher and called “Hu Huanyong Line.” 

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the research and review China’s geographical pattern of today, East China Normal University (ECNU), the Geographical Society and China Population Association jointly held a symposium in Shanghai on November 7-8. The symposium was named “China’s pattern of population geography and future of urbanization -- symposium marking the 80th anniversary of Hu Huanyong Line. ” 

The symposium attracts lots of scholars and experts.

The symposium was an academic exchange surrounding “Hu Yuanyong Line,” as well as an exploration into the academic significance and practical value of “Hu Huanyong Line” for the future. 

Since its discovery, “Hu Huanyong Line” has attracted wide attention. It has become an important line for China’s population geography, and greatly influenced the understanding of China’s economic, social and cultural patterns. For China, the 21st century is a century of urbanization, and the influence of “Hu Huanyong Line” cannot be ignored. Premier Li Keqiang recently stressed that the background of “Hu Huanyong Line” had to be considered in China’s urbanization strategy. He asked if Hu Huanyong Line could be crossed in the hope of realizing more balanced urbanization.  

The symposium is composed of a general meeting, a round-table forum, panel discussions and a postgraduates’ forum. Participants reviewed China’s population geography and the economic, social, cultural and ecological significance of “Hu Huanyong Line,” in order to answer the Premier’s question and explore the urbanization path of future China. The opening ceremony of the symposium was hosted by Wang Rongming, Vice President of ECNU. Tong Shijun, Council Chairman of ECNU, gave the welcome address. Prof. Michael Meadows, Secretary General of International Geographical Union, attended the symposium and congratulated its success. 


East China Normal University