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ECNU-UBC Joint Research Core Group on China in Modern World Established


Tong Shijun and Yves Tiberghien unveil the plaque for the center.

With the aim of consolidating and expanding academic cooperation between ECNU and University of British Columbia (UBC), ECNU-UBC Joint Research Core Group on China in Modern World was established in ECNU on November 9.

Chairman of ECNU Council Tong Shijun and dean of Asia Research Institute of University of British Columbia (UBC) Yves Tiberghien unveiled the plaque of the center at its unveiling ceremony. With the establishment of the center, a new era of academic cooperation across the Pacific begins as ECNU and UBC will make more cooperation in the research of China in modern world, co-cultivation of postgraduates, cooperative lecturing of professors, etc.

Vice Chairman of ECNU Council & Vice President Ren Youqun, head of China Research Institute of UBC Timothy Cheek along with  representative scholars from China and Canada also attended the ceremony chaired by ECNU Professor Xu Jilin.


Ren sent congratulations and good wishes to the new research center and spoke highly of it in its bridging the gap between oriental and occidental academic research across the Pacific and providing a good platform for international academic exchange as well as its prospects in promoting ECNU’s future innovation in humanities and social sciences and contributing to the ideological and cultural research of modern China.


According to Ren, ECNU has a long research history and tradition in humanities & social sciences. With its internationalization, ECNU has made cooperation with more than 100 universities and institutions around the world so far. ECNU has attached much importance to the cooperation with UBC, a prestigious world-class university and an important university in North America for its study in China, since both universities began academic cooperation in 2002.


Timothy Cheek also reviewed the academic cooperation between ECNU and UBC in the past decade and envisioned the coming cooperation in academic research, doctoral co-cultivation and professors’ collaborating in lectures based on the new center. 


Written by: Shi Yangyang & Fu Fangqin

Edited by: Liu Jinyu



East China Normal University