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French Website Launched




On the occasion of the 49th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the People's Republic of China and French, the French website of ECNU was officially launched jointly by Amaëlle Mayer, Education Consul of the French Consulate in Shanghai, and Ren Youqun, ECNU Vice President & Vice Chairman of the University Council, on January 28.




Investigation shows most key universities in China have English websites, but few of them have French versions. ECNU's French website marks the first appearance of French website in key universities in China. In addition, among all universities' French websites in China, ECNU’s website is the only one that updates its news on time.


As the first website in French among China's key universities' official websites, the website has attracted many internet users' attention since its trial operation. Both the artistic page design style and the informative contents of the website won many users’ support and praise.




It is introduced that the launching of the French website is one of the measures of ECNU to promote its international education strategy. In recent years, ECNU has carried out fruitful cooperation with France. For example, since ECNU launched the Sino-French Joint Graduate Students Projects with the ENS Group of France in 2002, the University has recruited 286 master candidates and selected 96 Ph. d candidates to study in France, among whom 55 have received bi-doctoral degrees from both ECNU and the ENS Group and many of them have published academic papers in international top journals.



Written by: Liu Jinyu

East China Normal University