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Ren Youqun

REN Youqun, born in April 1969 in Suzhou City of Jiangsu Province, is Vice President of ECNU and professor of Educational Science.


Education & Work Experience

07/1991                Received Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from

                            Department of Computer Science, ECNU. 

                            Began his career as a teacher in the computer

                            center of ECNU.

07/1999                Received Master’s Degree in Education from School of

                            Educational Administration, ECNU.

09/1998-08/1999   Studied in Kyushu Kyoritsu University, Japan.

07/2002                Received PhD in Education from School of Educational

                            Science, ECNU.

11/1995-03/2001   Worked as Deputy Secretary, Secretary of the CYL

                           Committee of ECNU.

3/2001-01/2003     Worked as Deputy Director of the CPC Committee

                           Office of ECNU.

01/2003-07/2009    Worked as Assistant President of ECNU.

07/2009-               Working as Vice President of ECNU


Academic Background

Dr. Ren’s research interests mainly lie in Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Technology, Teacher Education, and Learning Sciences about which he has published 2 books and more than 80 papers. Besides that, he has also translated 10 English books in these fields into Chinese.


As a professor with a passion for teaching, Dr. Ren has abundant experience in giving lectures to students. Since 2003, he has been giving lectures of Integration of ICT and Curriculum, ICT in Teacher Education for graduate students, as well as Research and Development of Learning Technology for PhD candidates in School of Educational Science.