ECNU art works and photo exhibition: a 56-year tour with GEC


On October 12th, the Global Education Center (GEC) displayed some fond photos and art works from some international students. This exhibition is open for all until 18th of October on the 1st floor of the Physics Building near the Liwa River.

This exquisite exhibition is part of ECNU’s 70th anniversary celebration. It is a time capsule recording major events of academic exchange with foreign countries in ECNU between 1965 and 2021. In fact, during the 56 years, ECNU has conducted exchange and cooperation with over 100 foreign nations.

The exhibition contains some photos that reflect the changes in history and witness the growth of international students’ exchange in decades.

▲ The university welcomes its first batch of international students in 1965.

Vietnamese students were having a Chinese class.

A group photo of international students in 1965

Also, some current photos of international culture and tradition displays, Chinese traditions, calligraphy practice, music and art, volunteering, and so on.


It will interest you to travel through the international students’ memory lane, to know how time flies, and to review the amazing events happening in the past and today as recorded in these photos. All students are welcome to the exhibition!

——     1951-2021     ——

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of ECNU

Author: David Kyei-Nuamah

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Li Mengjie



East China Normal University