Landmark lighting for ECNU 70th anniversary


Famous landmark buildings all over China are being lit up to celebrate the great achievements of ECNU during the past seven decades.

▲ Shanghai

▲ Hangzhou

▲ Nanchang

▲ Guangzhou

▲ Jinan

ECNUers shared snippets of videos featuring themselves shouting for joy and exuding warm appearances. Pictures on their social media platforms celebrated the gesture, which was proudly supported by these alumni and social enterprises—Focus Media, Greenland Group, Global Harbor and Guangdong Runping Law Firm. 

With inscriptions of ‘I love ECNU’ and ‘Happy Birthday ECNU’, many light projection designs had flowery symbols representing love and joy. ECNU alumni shared their deep love and proud moments of their school days after seeing these lighting celebration videos.

Although many ECNU alumni couldn’t come to the university for the 70th anniversary celebration, the joy captured from the landmark lighting achieved its purpose of bringing the 70th birthday to their hearts.

——     1951-2021     ——

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of ECNU

Author: David Kyei-Nuamah

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: LI Mengjie


East China Normal University