Celebrating 70 years of ECNU history and glorious achievements


ECNU celebrated its 70th anniversary, themed “Truth-seeking Produces Excellence, Education Builds the Future,” on October 16. On the evening of the anniversary day, a grand musical performance was held on Minhang campus. 

Thousands of ECNU faculty, students and staff took part in the memorable performance which attracted hundreds of thousands of students, alumni and others to watch both on campus and online through live broadcasting.

To celebrate ECNU’s 70th anniversary, the stage was designed in the shape of “70”. The number “70” and the curved screens on both sides of the stage were made to appear like flowing water slowly merging into the future.

The performance consisted of two parts. The first part featured traditional and popular songs and dances while the second part featured the university’s development and achievements during the past seven decades.

Laser projections and 800 drones lit up the sky above the campus, outlining the university gate, Qunxian hall, the 70th Anniversary Logo, lotus and other elements.

For the anniversary day, the university had been decorated with flowery art works, and outdoor display signs expressing love! 

Alumni had the chance to meet with their school mates far and near. Every college and department made special preparations for the alumni and held various activities for them to participate in.

Author: Yuan Yiwei

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor:Li Mengjie


East China Normal University