ECNU kicks off 2021 annual sports meeting


ECNU kicked off its Sports Meeting on October 26th, marking the return of the most exciting annual activity for students and faculty this year.The east track-and-field ground of Minhang Campus exuded vibes of joy and excitement on the sunny morning when ECNUers gathered to observe the grand opening of this annual event.

Athletes from various colleges and departments paraded at an orderly pace with their heads held high, and bodies brimming with youth and vitality. Each phalanx showcased its unique culture with fancy costumes and creative performances. Through loud slogans and varied performances, including the creative figure “70”, they expressed best wishes for the 70th anniversary of ECNU.

It is worth noting that this year, the 2021 ECNU Sports Meeting and campus Theme Day began in an extraordinary way. Wang Yihan, a gold medalist in the World Badminton Championship and a teacher in College of Physical Education and Health of ECNU, Lin Yuwei, a 2019 undergraduate and women’s 100m hurdles champion in the National Games, and Ge Manqi, a 2017 undergraduate who kept creating miracles in the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games and the National Games, handed on the torch in turn.

At the opening ceremony, the student team and the faculty team staged the broadcast gymnastics competition, showing the strong physique of ECNUers. The students put on an enthusiastic aerobics display, and the faculty performed Tai Chi with a combination of strength and softness. 

This sports meeting will last for two days. ECNU athletes will compete in more than 30 events. On the sports field, which has witnessed generations of ECNU strivers, these young athletes will pursue excellence, surpass themselves, spread the joy of sports and display true sportsmanship.

Author:Li Mengjie, Xu Xincheng

Editor:Li Mengjie


East China Normal University