AEBS students visit the “Cloud + Talents Innovation Conference”


On the morning of October 29, Cindy ZHANG, Director of International Recruitment of AEBS, and April TANG, External Relations Manager of AEBS, led nine international students from the BBA and MIB programs of AEBS to the Pudong Software Park to take part in the “Cloud + Talents Innovation Conference ‘Planning for the Future’ international student special event” hosted by the Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base for International Talents and the Shanghai Pudong Software Park Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. and co-organized by FOUND SPACE and T.I.E, upon invitation, in order to enrich the learning resources of international students, create enterprise practice and innovation classes, and feel the charm of scientific and technological innovation.

▲Group photo

Tong Wei, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Pudong Science and Technology Innovation Promotion Center, Zhang Zhen, Deputy General Manager of Pudong Software Park Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd., Fu Dandan from the Pudong Talent Exchange Center, T.I.E Founder Summer, etc. attended the event and warmly interacted with the international students. More than 30 international students from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, East China Normal University, Donghua University and other universities participated in the event.

▲Guest speech

Thauany SANTANA (Brazil), Alexander Philip EXNER (Germany), Maxwell ZIWA (Zambia), Antonie PAN (France), Petra Cassandra BRUGGEMANN (Germany), and Kseniia DORODNOVA (Russia) and other students were invited by the sponsor to attend entrepreneurial face-to-face talks. They discussed and exchanged entrepreneurial experience with the founders of the projects in the field of Internet technology and biomedicine, and learned about the policies related to the permits for foreigners coming to China and residences of overseas talents.

▲Entrepreneurial Face-to-face Talks

In addition, the international students made a field visit to the Digital Innovation Center of the SAP China Research Institute and learned about the latest innovation achievements and innovation mode of the institute, also enriching the innovation trip in Zhangjiang. Students actively shared their insights and visit experiences.

▲Visit the Digital Innovation Center of the SAP China Research Institute

Student Comments

Thauany SANTANA (Brazil)

If someone asked me to describe the conference, I’d say “Stimulating, full of amazing experiences and lots of new friends”. As technology has always been one of my greatest passions, being able to visit SAP, (the market leader in enterprise application software), and look closely its creations, gave me insights of what I want for the future and what steps I should take to reach my objectives. People of all ages and backgrounds attended the event, which made things even more interesting, and together, we all had a fascinating time, and learned from each other. The organizers put lots of effort into every detail, and for them I’m thankful. Now, I can’t wait for the next!   

Alexander Exner(Germany)

It has been very interesting to take part in the Shanghai FTZ Overseas Talents Innovation Conference. The event has given us international students the chance to be introduced into the innovative startup environment of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, get to meet directly with inspiring startup founders from the IT & Medical sector and see the innovations of the SAP innovation centre. Overall this day has given me as a German international student a good overview of the dynamically involving Chinese business environment. This has been a very valuable experience. 

Maxwell ZIWA (Zambia)

Visiting the I-cube incubator, interacting with founders of various startups and visiting one of the largest innovation companies in the world (SAP) was really a wonderful experience for me. Especially because I am a business administration major. Learning about the different ways to start and run a business in China is exactly what I needed to learn as I plan to start a business in China in future. I really appreciate this opportunity that we were given and I hope we will have more like it in the future.

Kseniia DORODNOVA (Russia)

I would like to thank ECNU and AEBS for providing the opportunity to visit the Shanghai Free Trade Zone together with SAP Lab and to get immersed into the business atmosphere of one of the biggest incubators in China. 

Apart from visiting the digital innovative center , the Event offered me a chance to participate in the interview session with 4 startups‘ representatives and ask them about their experience in establishing their business, and for me, as a master student in International business, this gained information can be very handy in near future.

From the face-to-face communication with entrepreneurial higher-ups to visiting enterprises to experience the forefront of technological innovation, this Zhangjiang innovation trip of the “Cloud + Talents Innovation Conference ‘Planning for the Future’ international student special event” was greatly beneficial. It allowed international students to get out of the classroom, have in-depth exchanges and interactions with enterprises, combine theory with practice, and expand their innovative ideas by gathering entrepreneurial talents and condensing entrepreneurial ideas. Meanwhile, the event also enabled international students to learn more about China, fall in love with China, and be willing to stay in Shanghai, contributing to the development of Shanghai into a scientific and technological innovation center with global influence.

Autho: Mu Weijing

Editor: Li Mengjie


East China Normal University