ECNU establishes China' s first children' s brain imaging center


21 October, China’s first children brain imaging center was officially established as the East China Normal University Children’s Brain Imaging Center (CBIC). ECNU’s Research Platform for Brain and Cognitive Development of Shanghai Center for Brain Science and Brain-Inspired Technology, and the NYU Shanghai-ECNU Center for Brain Imaging (CBI) were inaugurated at the same time.

Attending the opening ceremony were Pu Muming, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of Shanghai Center for Brain Science and Brain-Inspired Technology; Pei Gang, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Song Yang, director of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality; and Tong Shijun, president of Shanghai New York University. Mei Bing, chair of university council congratulated everyone on the establishment of the center while sharing their high expectations for research and development at the center.

After the unveiling ceremony, top experts in the field of brain imaging in China gathered to discuss the latest research progress of children’s brain and intelligence development.

Prof. Jiang Tianzai and Prof. Shen Dinggang each carried out academic reports on “the Development and Evolution of Brainnetome Atlas” and “Intelligent Analysis of Infant Brain Image and Construction of Dynamic Brain Development Atlas”.

Several experts introduced their recent research findings in the seminar of “Frontier Research of Brain Imaging” and “Children’s Brain Development and Cognitive Development”.

The experts also paid a special visit to the Children’s Brain Imaging Center of ECNU, peers praised the center’s design concept of “edutainment and child-friendly” and creating a comfortable environment with advanced facilities.

In 2018, ECNU established the Institute of Brain Science and Education Innovation, an interdisciplinary university-level scientific research platform, which comprehensively applies theories, methodologies and technologies of education science, neuroscience, psychological science, computer science, artificial intelligence and other related disciplines, with the development and improvement of children’s brain and intelligence as the problem orientation. On this basis, furthering educational innovation based on brain science research in China is a top priority of the center.

Relying on the Institute of Brain Science and Education Innovation, ECNU focuses on building four technology platforms: brain imaging technology platform for children and adolescents, brain and intelligence assessment technology platform, brain and intelligence development technology platform and virtual reality technology platform.

ECNU will organize a university-level interdisciplinary research team on brain and intelligence development research and coordinate the scientific research objectives and tasks of “child and adolescent brain and Intelligence development” of China and Shanghai. ECNU will also work with NYU Shanghai to expand on international cooperation in brain and intelligence development research.

Author: Li Mengjie, Xu Xincheng

Editor: Li Mengjie


East China Normal University