After over a year’s preparation, ECNU Press published the first issue of ECNU Review, the English version of ECNU Journal, as a test publication recently. 13 papers by ECNU scholars were covered in the issue in three columns: Philosophy and Intercultural Dialogue, Study on Chinese History and Study on Contemporary China.


As an English academic journal, ECNU Review first aims to provide an international medium to introduce crucial findings of ECNU scholars and then to develop itself into a more professional and international academic journal. 


Tong Shijun. the University Council Chairman of ECNU, wrote a foreword for this issue to celebrate its publication. According to Tong’s foreword, as a major research university in a country that benefited greatly from its opening up to the outside world in the last decades, ECNU encourages its professors and students to take the world as their grand forum for producing and sharing knowledge. Since China will produce increasing influences upon the world and humanity as a whole, a new English journal of social sciences and humanities in China is of great necessity. He hopes that ECNU Review will make ECNU researchers and their contributions known by the world and at the same time readers will benefit from it.



Written by: Shi Yangyang

Edited by: Liu Jinyu