SUN Zhenrong was born in July 1967 in Hai’an County of Jiangsu Province. He is a professor, a Ph. D program supervisor and a vice president of ECNU, member of Mathematics and Physics Branch of Science and Technology Committee, vice president of Shanghai Laser Institute, vice president of Shanghai Biography Society, director of Chinese Optical Society, and director of Chinese Biography Society.

Education & Work Experience

After receiving his bachelor’s Degree in chemistry at Suzhou University, Sun came to ECNU to pursue further studies in 1990. In 1993, he received a master’s degree and began his career as a teacher in the Department of Chemistry at ECNU. In 1998, he received his Ph. D in physics and was promoted to an associate professor by the Department of Physics at ECNU. Three years later, he was promoted to a professor and became the executive deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Spectroscopy and Wave Spectroscopy at ECNU. In March 2004, he worked in the Department of Applied Physics of Yale University as a senior visiting scholar. In May 2005, he worked as director of the Office of Science and Technology, and director of the Center for Technology Transfer at ECNU. Two years later, he worked as a professor of the State Key Laboratory of Precision Spectroscopy at ECNU. In February 2011, he worked as an assistant president of ECNU and the executive deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Precision Spectroscopy at ECNU. In July 2012, he became a vice president of ECNU.

Academic Background
Dr. Sun is mainly engaged in the research of manipulation of ultrafast optical quantum in complex molecular system, specially focusing on technology innovation and devices development closely integrated with cutting-edge research findings, exploring basis of theoretical and experimental study of precision measurement of complex molecular system and quantum manipulation. 
Sun has published more than 180 papers in domestic and foreign academic journals and over 140 of the papers are indexed by SCI and EI retrieval systems. Besides, he owns more than 10 national invention patents and has taken charge of more than 10 research projects, including “State 973 Project”, key projects of National Natural Science Foundation and Shanghai key research programs, etc. With outstanding achievements in his research fields, Sun has also been selected by several esteemed talent plans such as Shanghai Excellent Academic Leaders Project, Trans-century Talents Project of Ministry of Education, Shanghai Daybreak Project, Shanghai Science and Technology Morning Star Project, etc. and has been honored second prize of Shanghai Technology Progress Award as well as nominated second prize of Natural Science Award Ministry of Education.