As one of the most prestigious key universities in China, East China Normal University (ECNU) has attached great importance to research in both basic and applied sciences since its early stages. With a view to becoming a world renowned high-level research university by the 21st century, ECNU has made more efforts in this field and made great progress in disciplinary programming, talent nurturing and scientific research in recent years.


Statistics show that research funding has increased steadily, with the total funding from the National Natural Science Foundation increasing from RMB 4.093 million to RMB 22.784 million between 2001 to 2010. Major breakthroughs have been made in the construction of research bases and laboratories, as well as the number and quality of academic dissertations, patents and Sci-tech awards.


ECNU now boasts 2 State Key Laboratories, 1 National Field Observation and Research Station, 10 Key Laboratories of the Ministry of Education or Shanghai Municipality, 4 Engineering Centers of the Ministry of Education or Shanghai Municipality and 6 Leading Research Stations for Humanities and Social Sciences. Back in 2001 the University had only 1 State Key Laboratory and 1 Key Laboratory of Shanghai Municipality. The number of academic dissertations in 2010 was more than 20 times that in 2001.


With the large number of achievements in both basic and applied research, the university has not only been sustaining and enhancing its excellent reputation as an institution of higher learning, but also making important contributions to the development of China's science and technology.