With over 110 official student associations integrating the academic, extracurricular, and curricular spheres of students' life, ECNU students are active on and outside of campus. Having the ability to engage in a wide variety of interests and to enrich the social, cultural and educational experience is highly valued at ECNU. The student associations in the University mainly cover six domains: academic, career training, public welfare, sports, recreation and arts.


Every year, the University makes an appraisal of all these associations according to their popularity and contribution. Winning a five-star medal means the best appraisal and is the greatest honor for all these associations.



Here are some popular student associations at ECNU:


•      Yang Zhi Shui Drama Club

Yang Zhi Shui Drama Club was founded in 1999, and has enjoyed a great  reputation on and outside of campus. The purpose of the club is to provide practical experience in all aspects of drama (artistic and technical), with assistance from knowledgeable and experienced professors in the dramatic arts. All the activities of Yang Zhi Shui Drama Club are based on the primary goal of stimulating interest  among the members and discovering and training talented  actors/actresses. Furthermore the club is characterized by its endeavors in the production and performance of original Chinese plays.


 •    O3 Society (Our Own Oasis)

Since its establishment in 2001, O3 Society, short for Our Own Oasis, has been closely involved in environmental protection issues at ECNU. As the only student association for environmental protection at ECNU, the association has successfully promoted the concept of “Hold Green in Your Heart” with the goal of drawing attention to this increasingly important idea to the general ECNU community. Affiliated with the School of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, O3 Society is well positioned to achieve its goals through lectures, field trips, and other educational activities.


•      Lan Xin Philosophy Club

Lan Xin Philosophy Club is ECNU’s flagship student association dedicated to the practice and promotion of philosophy. The organization has two central purposes: meeting friends who share an interest in philosophy, and coordinating student philosophical activities. The student activities include weekly discussion groups, field trips, and occasional lectures.


•      Psychology Association

One of the earliest student associations at ECNU, the Psychology Association was founded by a group of students majoring in psychology in the 1980s. The association seeks both to promote the interests of the undergraduates affiliated with the School of Psychology and Cognitive Science and to promote the study of psychology in the campus community at large. The group will attempt to further its goals through appropriate means by offering psychological consultations and organizing public activities.