ECNU responds to pandemic emergency with great calmness


On the morning of December 8, at approximately 08:48, the Minhang campus of East China Normal University initiated the closed-loop management system and organized mass nucleic acid testing in accordance with Shanghai Municipal People’s Government’s requirements for emergency response to pandemic prevention and control. As soon as the news came out, all ECNUers on Minhang campus responded to the emergency with calmness.

Immediately, the university convened a panel for the closed investigation work on Minhang campus to ensure that all the relevant tasks were closely coordinated and advanced in an orderly manner. Within only 3 hours, a large number of medical personnel entered the university, and 7 nucleic testing areas were set up on the campus in cooperation with ECNUers and the medical personnel.

Apart from the medical personnel, there were other people who braved the coronavirus risk. For example, after learning that the university began to carry out the closed loop investigation, a total of 47 ECNU staff based on the Minhang campus who were participating in a meeting held on the Putuo campus immediately returned to Minhang campus. “We must rush back to join the pandemic prevention work on site. More importantly, we wanted to see all the students safe and sound in person,” said Jiang Xu, Deputy Party Secretary of ECNU School of Physics and Electronic Science.

Due to the closed-loop management, nearly 2,000 ECNU faculty and staff were required to stay on campus overnight on Dec 8. To meet their basic living needs, the university urgently purchased a large number of materials including beddings, pillows and camp beds.

The ECNU Volunteer Team also convened a total of 208 online and offline volunteers, who were responsible for answering questions and publicizing relevant regulations or notices online, and the offline team moving materials and making beds.

Despite the ongoing investigation, all teaching and courses did not stop on Minhang campus because all of the courses were taken online, and the university library stayed open 24 hours on that day.

Today, I received many more messages on WeChat than usual. There are notifications for adjustments in teaching activities and group activities, shared documents designed to share information and provide mutual assistance and greetings from alumni,” said Professor Wang Yingxian, Deputy Party Secretary of ECNU Department of History.

I have received many notices from the university on how to adjust the arrangements of teaching activities, how to have meals, how to solve the problem of accommodation, etc.” said Cao Shanshan, Director of the Office of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, “Through today’s work, I saw that all the university departments were deployed and arranged in such an orderly manner and I felt ECNUers’ calmness, responsibility, great cooperation and support.”

On the evening of Dec 8 and early in the morning on Dec 9, university authorities visited the temporary resettlement sites, some schools and departments and the back kitchen of the canteen to get to know how ECNU students, faculty and staff were managing.

The closed-loop management made me feel what ‘fast’ and ‘efficient’ are like”, said Wei Xuchen, majoring in geography sciences at Guanghua College, 2019. ECNUers now both wear masks and keep the distance conscientiously while queuing up according to university guidelines. They show composure and calmness in the face of a possible epidemic.

After the first round of mass nucleic test and the second round of mass nucleic test conducted on Dec 9, there were no positive results. ECNUers are now having a 14-day self-health management to ensure that they are not infected.

ECNU would not have managed to respond to this emergency with such efficiency had it not been for the calmness and active cooperation of all ECNUers on campus. 

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Yuan Yiwei


East China Normal University