ECNUers hit a new high in Chinese Classics Contest


The 3rd Chinese Classics Recitation, Writing and Speech Contest came to an end last week. This contest, hosted by the Ministry of Education and the State Language Commission, was divided into four categories, including recitation, poetry interpretation, Chinese character writing and seal cutting. 

Since April this year, ECNU faculty and students applied for the contest as it opened. At the end of November, under intense competition, ECNUers achieved great results for their works which were granted 20 national awards (5 national first prizes, 2 second prizes, 9 third prizes, and 4 excellence prizes). 

By Zhang Wei, College of Fine Arts

In particular, ECNU won the first prize in all categories of the contest, and swept almost all the awards won in the Shanghai Municipality in the Contest of Chinese character writing

By Chai Xiaoshan, College of Fine Arts

By Shi Junli, College of Fine Arts

International students at ECNU also took an active part in the contest. 

Wint Hlwar Pwint from Myanmar won the national first prize of the international student group. She has been studying in China for five years. Before she came to China, she couldn’t even speak one Chinese word. 

“With the improvement of my Chinese, I developed the love to reading, and I consciously pay attention to the information obtained from reading works. For me, reading has become another way of life and the best way to express my feelings, saidWint Hlwar Pwint. Through reading, you can express your feelings without reservation. This process is very enjoyable!” 

Click the video below and check out her performance!

Copy editor: Philip Nash, David Kyei-Nuamah

Editor: Li Mengjie


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