ECNUer designs 70th anniversary website from scratch


ECNU celebrated its 70th anniversary on October 16 with ECNU alumni from all over the world. We are delighted to interview Chen Ruiduo, an undergraduate from the Department of Broadcasting and Television, who designed the anniversary website.

What are the highlights of ECNU’s 70th anniversary website? 

The visual design of the university website applies dark red as the main color, complemented by gold and white. The homepage of the website features the historic building Qun Xian Tang, supplemented by the visual elements of the university emblem, the flower of happiness and the 70th anniversary logo. 

The 70th anniversary website offers many navigation menus, including the university’s news, event calendar, and some images and videos detailing key moments in the history of ECNU. Moreover, these webpages present the achievements of ECNU in the past 70 years and those wonderful celebration activities.

The homepage of the website features the interactive column “Blessings to ECNU” which is designed to strengthen the connection between the university and the alumni. Alumni can type in their best wishes to ECNU in the text box. After they submit their wishes, the university will express its gratitude through the animation of an unfolding envelope, and alumni’s blessings to ECNU will flash across the screen.

In addition, a special “Scenery” section has been set up in the audio-visual image page to display the unique scenery and buildings of ECNU, such as Siqun Auditorium,Qun Xian Tang and Shangyi Bridge.

What was your main responsibility in the design of the website?  

The website’s design work was created from my own ideas. The team consists of a teacher from the Publicity Department and the docking site for the front-end development engineer personnel. From the preliminary framework to the final UI interface and visual design, the website was developed with guidance from teachers of the School of Communication.

What difficulties did you encounter in the design of this website? How did you overcome these difficulties?

Honestly, there were a lot of difficulties since I began learning to design this website from no prior experiences. I just studied different excellent design cases for inspiration and gradually learned to use some specific software and web design specifications. I learned so much more by working on ECNU’s anniversary website.

Other workdesigned by Chen Ruiduo

Source: ECNU Circle
Copy editor: Joshua Mayfield

Editor: Li Mengjie


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