Fondest memories: ECNUers reminisce on 2021


As 2021 comes to an end, we took the opportunity to collect some memories of 2021 from some ECNUers. Let’s take a walk through their fondest recollections.

Adelina, Kyrgyzstan

Adelina, a postgraduate student from Kyrgyzstan majoring in International Relations remarked, this year has been one of my favorites despite the setbacks encountred. She happily shared her experience as a photographer on one of the Global Education Center’s international students’ trips to Jinshan and Chongming. As a nominated recipient of the 2021 Outstanding Student scholarship, She felt encouraged to have reached this height in her academic life. It was not easy and I did not expect it, but I am so happy that I’v made it”, she said.

Daryl John, Sierra Leone

A Sierra Leonian student named Daryl John, from the Faculty of Education, also shared his story with us, “My fondest memory this year has to be the International Cultural Festival in October. Even though it was organized on campus, the effort put in by the organizers and participants made it a great success, offering a chance for me to make a journey to many countries in a day. I firmly believe in ECNU's efforts to embrace cultural diversity. I will forever cherish these lasting memories.”

Jiang Mengxiang, China

“The best memory in 2021 was my field experience in Xinjiang,” said Jiang Mengxiang, a Chinese student from the Department of History. “I learned more about the similarities and differences between geography and history, including ways of thinking and perspectives. Taking the Jiaohe Ruins as an example, history students may pay more attention to its role in history, while geography students to the relationship between the site selection, production and natural environment of the ancient city. In addition, through this experience, I learned more about geological structure, glaciers, deserts and other terrain.”

Wang Xuewen, China

Wang Xuewen, a Chinese graduate student from Faculty of Education highlighted her experience of celebrating ECNU 70th anniversary. “On the evening of October 15, my friends and I came to the Bund to participate in the university’s anniversary lighting activities. It was so exciting to hold a big light board and shout happy birthday to ECNU near the Huangpu River with hundreds of ECNUers,” said Wang.

Sue Lim Lim, Korea

Sue Lim Lim, a Korean student studying for Bachelor of Arts in the Chinese language shared this with us, “In September, I joined a ‘treasure hunt’ game hosted by the international student union. I was not familiar with some locations in ECNU or how to load money on the student card, buy stuff with the card, and borrow library books. During this game, I learnt how to efficiently use the  student card and locate unknown places in ECNU. I had fun and made friends.”

Mahmoud, Egypt

As a student of the Education Management and Leadership Policy department, Mahmoud had the opportunity to co-author an article titled “Shadow Education in Africa: Private Supplementary Tutoring and its Policy Implications” with Professor Mark Bray. He further shared his experiences during the manuscript preparation to the editing and correction stages. “This experience has taught me that nothing is impossible and that you have to take a step, stay focused and make sure it’s done.”

Wish All ECNUers A Happy New Year!

Author: David Kyei-Nuamah

Copy editor: Philip Nash, Wang Xuewen

Editor: Li Mengjie


East China Normal University