Greetings to ECNUers at Minor Cold


The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Xiaohan, or Minor Cold, is the 23rd solar term, which falls on Jan 5 this year.

During  Minor Cold, most areas in China have entered the bitterly cold stage of  winter. Many places in China have been covered with ice and snow. The  cold air from the north will move southward continuously.

Even though the temperatures plunge at this time, Xiaohan also bears  a sign that spring is not far away. As the last line of the poem “Ode  to the West Wind” written by Percy Bysshe Shelley goes, “If winter  comes, can spring be far behind?”

The winter vacation is approaching. We’d like to remind ECNUers to keep yourselves warm and stay safe and sound. 

We wish all ECNUers a happy winter holiday!

Author: Yuan Yiwei

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Designer: Luo Kexin

Photo by: Shao Zhuang

Editor: Li Mengjie


East China Normal University