ECNUers give unanimous thumbs-up to Beijing 2022


With the Olympic flame extinguished following a farewell party, Beijing capped the 2022 Olympic Winter Games to resounding global acclaim on Sunday for bringing the world together through the power of sports at a challenging time.

In the past 16 days, Beijing, an ancient and modern international city, and the world's first double Olympic city, once again presented an unforgettable Olympic event to the world, providing a stage for ice and snow events for over 3000 athletes from 91 countries to surpass themselves, and injecting confidence and strength into a world plagued by the pandemic.

Students from East China Normal University have also given thumbs-up to Beijing 2022 and cheered for the Olympics in their own ways.

Affected by the pandemic, Ole Eidskrem, a Norwegian student studying in the School of International Chinese Studies, couldn’t come back to China, but he watched the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics online. “When I saw the athletes from Norway, China and other countries coming out at the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, I was extremely excited,” said Ole.

I think the reason why Norwegians enjoy the Winter Olympics so much is that ice and snow sports have extraordinary significance in our lives and growth. In addition, due to our small population, we have more emotional feelings for the athletes representing Norway! We were very proud when we saw them win the event and win the gold medal. When an athlete wins, the whole of Norway will feel the same joy, as if we had won it ourselves.

Young Ole skated in Norway

I want to thank China for hosting this international event so perfectly and treating every country with equal respect. The fire of Beijing 2022 not only represents the Olympic flame, but also implies the spirit of unity and cooperation of all mankind. Ice and snow sports are not only the embodiment of human indomitable fighting spirit, but also the display of human wisdom and creativity, said Ole.

David Kyei-Nuamah from Ghana was also amazed by the Beijing 2022 opening and closing ceremony. “This 2022 Winter Olympics remains one of the most glamorous, cultural and artistic displays. The love with which the athletes representing their various countries showed their preparedness for handling the various sports. Not forgetting the sensational Gu Ailing; she was the lady of the Olympic Games for me, her smile, and unique handling of freestyle skiing made me follow her through all her gold medal events. I wish all the athletes well in their endeavors. ”

Due to the Olympic fever, winter sports are becoming more popular across China. Wang Xuewen, a graduate in the Faculty of Education gets so excited about winter sports. Not only did she watch the games on TV, Wang also went skiing with her friends during the winter holiday. “It's hard to keep balance on the ice, not to mention the difficult movements that athletes have to do,” said Wang. 

“In the past, I used to stay inside all the time during winter. But it's not the case anymore. I am also looking forward to trying new winter sports games, like curling, skeleton etc. Besides, the athelete's persistence and  determination also motivate me to pursue my dreams in the new semester.”

Let 'One World One Family' shine all over the world!

Author: Xu Xincheng

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Li Mengjie

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