A warm welcome back to ECNU campus!


The beginning of a new semester is always an exciting time at East China Normal University! 

After celebrating the Chinese New Year, there is nothing better than seeing ECNUers back on campus together, engaging with each other and filling classrooms, libraries, stadiums, and canteens with joy and fun. 

Zhou Jin, an undergraduate student from the School of Geographic Sciences, spent his holiday on scientific research exchanges and he is looking forward to developing a better self in this semester. “A new semester is always a fresh start. I have a lot of goals to achieve in the new semester, such as participating in more voluntary work, as giving back to the community can be truly rewarding for all involved.” said Zhou.

Hua Chuyan, a graduate student from the School of Foreign Languages is also ready for a fresh start in the spring. “ This semester is very chanllenging for me. I'm taking some courses with professors that I've never had before and I am also faced with the task of the graduation thesis, which requires great effort and much time. It’s important for me to maintain mental health when under stress.”

To guarantee the full restoration of the teaching order and to ensure ECNUers’ health as well, the university has strengthened campus pandemic prevention and control. From Feb 18 to 20, nucleic acid tests were offered to students returning to campus.

Wishing all ECNUers a fruitful, joyous and successful academic year.

Author: Yuan Yiwei

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Li Mengjie

Photo by: Shao Xingren, Zhang Yixiao, Wu Chuxiang


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