Gift from SHOU for ECNU to celebrate long-standing friendship


25 February, a delegation under the leadership of Wang Hongzhou, Secretary of Shanghai Ocean University Party Committee; and Wan Rong, President of Shanghai Ocean University, visited ECNU for a formal meeting and academic exchange.  Mei Bing, Chair of University Council; Qian Xuhong, President of ECNU; Zhu Min and Cao Youyi, Vice Secretaries of ECNU Party Committee; Lei Qili and Gu Hongliang, Vice Presidents of ECNU as well as other leaders in charge of the related functional departments and colleges attended the exchange forum.   

Mei Bing extended a warm welcome to the delegation of Shanghai Ocean University. She said that Shanghai Ocean University and ECNU illustrated in depth cooperation and have been always maintaining a solid collaboration in teaching, scientific research, cadres, etc. She expects the two schools would enhance their cooperation from this foundation to achieve complementary advantages and joint development.   

Wang Hongzhou expressed that the discipline characteristics of Shanghai Ocean University correspond to and interact with those of ECNU in terms of Life Science, Ecology, Estuarine and Coastal Sciences, etc. He hopes the two schools could further promote and strengthen the cooperation and get more instructions and support mutually in discipline construction, development layout of the university and cultivation of international students, etc.   

Qian Xuhong said that ECNU and Shanghai Ocean University would certainly find more points in common and achieve better development in the future.  In the fields of Marine Science and Ecology, for instance, the two schools could work together for greater cooperation and thus make greater contributions to the national and local development.  

Wan Rong appreciated ECNU and related experts and scholars for their long-term support and help to Shanghai Ocean University. He hoped to take this survey as an opportunity to further promote the in-depth cooperation and exchanges between the two schools at various levels and in various fields for common development. 

To properly wish ECNU's 70th anniversary and initiate a new journey, the Shanghai Ocean University has given full attention to its faculties and students majoring in Aquarium Science and Technology, as well as the university’s alumni, who spent over two months elaborating on two aquaterrariums featuring fish and water. The two aquaterrariums are filled with water, representing happiness, carrying the blessings and feelings of representatives of ECNU alumni and its affiliated schools from all over the world.

It is understood that the ECNU Estuarine and Coastal Research Institute and Shanghai Ocean University have already cooperated in project application, personnel cultivation, and technical services, etc. In particular, the two universities’ facilitated a key R&D program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, titled “Restoration and Industrialization Technology of Typical Estuarine Wetland Ecology at Yangtze River Delta.” This project collaboration lasted for four years and has achieved fruitful results for the field of Marine Ecology.

He Qing, Dean of ECNU Estuarine and Coastal Research Institute, remarked that both parties would leverage their complementary advantages, to develop close cooperation in the fields of a shared voyage survey, fishery resources monitoring and research in the Yangtze River Estuary, deep-sea microbial platform construction, global microplastic survey, marine biosphere integration, and sustainable development of river deltas. This would contribute to serving major local and national demands for marine ecology strategy.

Author: Xu Xincheng

Editor: Li Mengjie


East China Normal University