Capturing every moment: A day in the life of ECNU


“He who seizes the moments is the right man.”

It’s been 10 days since the spring semester officially kicked off at the campus of East China Normal University (ECNU). We hope ECNUers would come to ECNU with a positive attitude and create many beautiful moments here. Indeed, there are different ways to capture every moment on campus these days. Here are some of the ways ECNUers spend their days.

6:30 am

Wake up to the sounds of chirping birds! With stretching, followed by a cup of green tea, a new day is right on the horizon. After having soybean milk, and eating durian cakes for breakfast, jogging or walking two laps on the campus track wakes up the organs and regenerates the whole body’s physical strength and brain tissues.

8:00 am

Along the green lane leading to the teaching building where knowledge manifests itself, the students are concentrating and listening to the professors’ lectures. During each 10-minute break we can gaze at the aesthetics of the campus’ nature through the classroom windows. After class, ECNUers never hesitate to consult professors for any concerns they have about the course content and lecture.

12:00 am

At the university canteen, ECNUers build up their energy reserves. ECNU always offers high-quality dishes for students and staff. Casseroles, hot pot, braised pork rice, sliced noodles are among the most popular foods. The bustling, spacious canteen is where people sit down with each other and have a hearty meal. Then, perhaps a nice, healthy drink to freshen up the mind and body.

2:00 pm

Outside the school library, some ECNUers may discuss or even debate with one another on the lawn;  inside the library, they may enjoy the lesiure of reading books or searching for new books. 

There’s even time for playing the piano, practicing calligraphy or breaking a sweat in the fitness center.

7:00 pm

Students of Putuo campus could stroll leisurely in Changfeng Park, while students of Minhang campus have the convenience of sitting down at the river’s bank, enjoying the soft wind over the Yingtao river. Whether bathing in the sunshine, enjoying the gentle sound of the spring breeze, or gazing into the distance, it’s an enjoyable moment!

9:00 pm

Students who finish their self-study or evening classes will return to the dormitory. After washing off the fatigue of the day, some students would bring laptops to the study room in the dormitory and brainstorm with members of their study groups. Others would spend the evening relaxing and taking part in extracurricular activities. Surprisingly, many of the ‘best’ essay topics are inspired from these moments of leisure time.

11:00 pm

At night, the silence reigns supreme throughout the campuses. The lights of the dormitory are fading. Lying warmly in their beds, ECNUers might be thinking, “What is the connection between the two theories?” or “I’d better go over new words of today’s lessons again.” During those moments of thinking, fatigue surely sets in, and ECNUers fall asleep and get ready for a brand new day. 

A day is a miniature of eternity

Treasure every moment we have

Author: Li Mengjie

Photo by: Li Zhendong

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Li Mengjie


East China Normal University