ECNU women shine in exhibition of traditional arts


International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. 

On March 7th, East China Normal University’s Female Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Works Exhibition kicked off at the Exhibition Hall in the College of Fine Arts. Nearly 100 experts, teachers, and students from the field of calligraphy and seal cutting participated in this event. The exhibition will last until March 20th, with 66 works on display, including 31 couplet works and 35 seal cutting works.

As with most oriental traditional arts, calligraphy and seal cutting attach great importance to culture and techniques, and have always been of interest to the literati to cultivate their sentiment. 

The 21 artists of this event are all female postgraduate students at the College of Fine Arts. All of them created original works based on the essence of ancient classical calligraphy works and their own creative ideas. Their art works are imbued with the tenderness of Liwa River and Cherry River, and contain their deep thoughts and sincere interests, demonstrating authentic artistic qualities of contemporary young women.

At the exhibition, Zhang Tong, a student from the College of Fine Arts, said, “Since ancient times, Chinese female artists have made important contributions and contained great potential. International Women’s Day is a day to care for women. I salute all women and hope that we can all be confident and make progress together in the field of arts.” 

Director of ECNU Calligraphy Department of College of Fine Arts Zhang Suo said that with more and more girls studying calligraphy and seal cutting, it is important for a teacher to think about how to better encompass the artistic sensibilities of girls in daily teaching. The university has specially set up a series of courses to effectively incorporate traditional culture in college teaching, improve students' cultural cultivation and achieve effective teaching of both arts and culture.

Exhibition time: Mar 7 - Mar 20

Exhibition site: 2nd floor, College of Fine Arts, East China Normal University Minhang campus

Author: Li Mengjie, Yuan Yiwei

Photo by: Zhu Yingliang, Xu Genshuo

Video by: Zhu Yingliang

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Li Memgjie


East China Normal University