New tree app identifies plants on ECNU campus


Today is Tree-Planting Day! 

During this week, teachers and students of East China Normal University (ECNU) have volunteered to plant 25 begonias and 150 willows on the two campuses, to make the campuses greener than before. 

With more than 200 types of plants, ECNU has long been known as a Garden University. Cherry blossoms and a variety of lucious shrubs and trees pop up on campus every year.

Tian Huaizhen, Associate Professor of the School of Life Sciences of ECNU, led the graduate students in plant taxonomy as well as undergraduate students who love plants, to investigate, identify and locate all the cultivated plants on the two campuses. During the project a vivid map of plants on the campus was formed and developed as an application for students to identify the plants on their phones.

In addition, the function of ecological monthly calendar on the application divides the campus plants according to the proper viewing time, and shows the ecology of the campus from the two levels of space and time in a vivid display.

It can be seen with a glance at this portable ecological map what kind of plants can be enjoyed at what time and where on the campus.

Tian Huaizhen said, In addition to giving scientific information, the application also gives plants the opportunity to tell their own history and culture to those who pay attention to them. Therefore, the team specially added these contents to the introduction of plants, so that students can understand the cultural connotation of plants. 

More importantly, we hope students can observe the plants around them, feel the wisdom of plants, learn from plants and find the beauty of nature in things and experience the power of life, said Tian.

It's time for us to appreciate the beauty of nature around us and continue to protect the environment that nurtures them. Happy Tree-Planting Day!

Author: Xu Xincheng

Copy editor: Joshua Mayfield

Editor: Li Mengjie


East China Normal University