ECNU unifies to combat Covid-19


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, China has adhered to its dynamic zero COVID-19 policy, which brings new infection clusters under control as quickly as possible. These prevention methods have ensured stability in society and the economy, while maintaining the safety of the population.

During the latest resurgence of COVID-19 infections in Shanghai, ECNUers have actively complied with the anti-outbreak strategy in China. The university carried out a closed-loop management on March 13 to ensure the safety of the students and staff as well as the university’s vital missions of education and research.

Flexible Teaching and Learning  

The university has set up several project teams to promote the prevention and control of the latest COVID-19 outbreak. All units and departments have taken action to ensure the safe and orderly progress of all work of ECNU. Courses were quickly shifted from the traditional classroom to online platforms. Discussion, Q&A, small group problem-solving program and other types of interactions, have been designed to support students’ learning.

On the afternoon of March 14th, an online lecture of the International Competency Training Series, entitled “Sensitivity and Quality Requirements of Foreign Affairs Translation” attracted nearly 300 students.

Wang Lei, a postdoctoral fellow at the Primate Center of the School of Psychology and Cognitive Science, has volunteered to stay on campus to take care of the primates to ensure the well-being of laboratory animals during this period. About this challenge, Wang said “In special cases, experienced team members will stay behind, managing the laboratory, protecting the primates and doing our best to ensure that the research could be carried out in an orderly manner.” 

ECNU United  

When the ECNU’s Youth League Committee set up the volunteer service program, they rapidly recruited the first group of 41 volunteers. Up to now, ECNU’s two campuses have recruited over 380 volunteers.

Sun Zhi, a 2020 postgraduate majoring in history, was one of the first to participate in volunteer service. Together with others, he has taken an active part in helping with nucleic acid testing and delivery of supplies. Just as he said, “Volunteer work is toilsome, continuous running and fatigue have become the norm, but seeing our contribution to the campus and ECNUers, we have a lot of momentum going again.”

Lu Lu, a 2021 graduate student majoring in enterprise management, said that the greatest sense of achievement of volunteer work is to stabilize and cooperate closely in the eyes of many students at these critical moments and provide care to everyone. In fact, our work is not complicated, just small things, but the most important thing is that we can show everyone the warmth of ECNU in a difficult environment with a responsible and professional attitude and efficient and clear organization, and convey confidence to every student.

In addition to these front-line volunteers, others also acted promptly from the start, launching “ECNU radio” FM and operating the “Shimmer · Shine” campus concert to bring warmth to ECNUers. These selfless volunteers demonstrate the youthful spirit and volunteer power behind thepandemic prevention mission on campus.


Being Positive  

On Putuo campus, ECNUers occupy different corners of the campus and socialize with friends in their own dormitory areas. Organizing basketball matches, sitting by the river playing guitar and singing, practicing their skateboarding, ECNUers relax in flexible ways and try to live the campus life to the fullest during these difficult times.

Despite the uncertainties and challenges that lie ahead, it’s firmly believed that with collective efforts, we will ultimately win the battle against the virus.

Author: Li Mengjie

Copy editor: Joshua Mayfield, Yuan Yiwei

Photo by: Liu Jinyu, Li Zhendong, Shao Xingren, Shao Zhuang

Editor: Wicky Xu


East China Normal University