Delegation of Univerisity of Delaware in America Visit Our University


On July 1st, president Patrick T. Harker heads the delegation of University of Delaware in America to visit our university. The delegation includes deputy dean of studies Havidan Rodriguezdean of School of Humanities and Sciences Tom Appledean of Ocean and Earth Research Institute Nancy Targettdirector of International Research Center Lesa Griffithsthe highest ranking professor of University of Delaware Mary A.S. Lighthipe, the highest ranking professor Yan Xiaohai, and Professor of Physics and Astronomy John Q. Xiao.

President Yu Lizhong and vice president Chen Qun meet the visitors on the north Zhongshan Road Campus. We have signed cooperation agreements. And we hold preliminary discussion on student and teacher exchange, and scientific research cooperation.

According to the agreements signed by the 2 parties, we will select exchange students to study in the other side. Meanwhile, we encourage teachers in the 2 universities to visit each other and to cooperate in study and research. During the meeting, we have discussed on the mode of co-training students. And we decide to adopt a method which is a combination of short-term exchange and academic degree training. At the same time, we will cooperate on each other’s strong subjects, such as estuarine and coastal research, and green chemistry.

After the meeting, the Delaware delegation also had a look at our Estuarine and Coastal Research Institute and Green Chemistry and Green Chemical Process Laboratory.

East China Normal University