Zhou Changjiang and Tan Genxiong in the School of Art are Specially invited to the 2008 Fine Arts Olympics


Recently Zhou Changjiang and Tan Genxiong in the School of Art have been recommended by the organization committee of the 2008 Fine Arts Olympics and the vice chairman of the Chinese Artists’ Association, the well-known art theorist Mr. Jia Fangzhou, to take part in the 2008 Fine Arts Olympics in the name of specially invited artists, who are directly chosen and not through comparison.

2008 Fine Arts Olympics is one of the cultural ceremonies, which is approved by the Culture Ministry of the People’s Republic of China, held by the International Olympic Committee and supported by the organization committee of the 29th Olympic Games and the Chinese National Museum. It conforms to the principle about “Physical education should integrate art” in the Olympic Charter. It aims to show and glorify the spirit and ideals of modern Olympics, and promotes the fine Chinese culture through the magnificent art exhibition and forum. It will become the largest global art pageant in the history of modern Olympics, that is, Art Olympics.

It will display hundreds of art works, including Chinese painting, oil painting, woodcut and sculptures. Its organization committee will also invite many excellent artists from more than 80 countries and regions, such as China (including Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan), America, Korea, Japan, Russia, Britain, France, Greece, Germany, Canada and Spain, to draw for the 2008 Beijing Olympics passionately. They will contribute a cadenza for the Eastern and Western civilization, and hold a happy marriage of art and gym.

The exhibition will be held at the International Exhibition Center of China and in the Forbidden City (Imperial Ancestral Shrine, Beijing) at the same time when the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics is holding on August 8th, 2008. And it is intended to go to Greece and America for the International Tour shows from December 2008 to March 2009. After the Beijing Olympics, an Fine Arts Olympics Center will be set up in the Imperial Ancestral Shrine in the Forbidden City in Beijing, which is intended to reserve the precious Olympic heritage for China and to spread the Olympic culture better. All the work exhibited in the 2008 Fine Arts Olympics will be displayed in the center for a long time.


East China Normal University